Get your book media attention with a book trailer. A book trailer is a video advertisement for your book. Don’t miss out on this trend in book promotion. We will create a book trailer you and distribute it to book trailer and social media directories, such as youtube and facebook at a very reasonable price.

Many services charge $800 or more to create a book trailer and most authors just don’t have that kind of cash for book marketing or the time to spend figuring out how to create their own trailer.

Let us create a book trailer for you for just $97.00.

And once we create your trailer, we’ll submit it to online trailer and podcast directories, so it gets more exposure to your prospective readers/buyers.

There are a couple of things we’ll need from you:

A jpeg file of your book cover
The url for the website where you have more information about the book
A short description of the book
An ebook version of the book
If the book is not self-published, permission from the publisher to use pictures and text from the book

Sign up here:

Here are some samples of ones we’ve created:


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