Interview with Penelope Anne Cole

book bites for kids

In this episode of Book Bites for Kids, I talk with Penelope Cole about her newest books in the Magical series –

Magical Mea Goes to School: Mea’s now in Second Grade. She wants more play time after school, but her big brother Matt wants her to practice using her magic secretly. (3rd Magical book) Ages 5-8

Magical Max and Magical Mickey: College bound Matt, and middle school Mea, are surprised when Mom announces she’s having twin boys. Everyone wonders if they’ll be magical, too. (4th Magical book) Ages 5-8

Magical Max and Magical Mickey’s Big Surprise: Twins Max and Mickey know they’ll soon lose their magic. They’re working hard on a surprise graduation gift before their magic runs out. (5th Magical Book) Ages 5-8

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