Michel Selden

Michael SeldenMichael Selden lived all over the world as a child, and spent a career as a physicist and program manager on research projects, both international science projects and advanced development programs for the department of defense.

In 2013, he decided to change what he was doing and retired to settle in a small mountain community in Colorado to write fiction.

Reading and writing have interested him throughout his life and he is taking the same approach to writing that he applied to his career as a physicist: always challenging himself by tackling different genres, and by writing from differing perspectives.

His first book was THE BOY WHO RAN, a middle grade novel set in the mid-archaic period in North America, around 4000BC.

The book won the 2014 IPPY gold medal for juvenile fiction.

An audio version of the book is currently under production and is being narrated by Lyssa Browne, of Cedar House Audio.

There are also tentative plans to release an Italian language version of the book.

His latest book, THE BALANCE, will eventually be a 3-part story. THE BALANCE is a futuristic dystopian novel written for a young adult (and older) audience.

Part two, subtitled THE WASTELANDS AND THE WILDERNESS will be targeted at a new adult audience, and is planned for 2018.

A third book, I AM, should be released in late spring 2016. I AM is a science fiction novel written for a new adult audience.

Michael spent three months in Rome researching what will be his fourth book, DISOBEDIENCE, a supernatural thriller, and he plans to travel to Provence, France later this year to research additional chapters.





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