About the authors

Michael Read Meet Michael Read

Michael Read is the author of The Adventures of the Parsley Family and the Dancing... 

Author Sarah Hill Meet Author Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill is actually a small animal Vet who started writing for children somewhat... 

Penelope Anne Cole Penelope Anne Cole

Penelope Anne Cole has taught at every grade level. She enjoys writing children’s... 

Michel Selden Michel Selden

Michael Selden lived all over the world as a child, and spent a career as a physicist... 

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Author Interviews

book bites for kids An Interview with Author Michael Read

Listen to Book Bites for Kids, author Michael Read will talk about his book The Adventures... 

book bites for kids Interview with Sarah Hill

Listen to the interview here:  Read More →

book bites for kids Interview with Penelope Anne Cole

In this episode of Book Bites for Kids, I talk with Penelope Cole about her newest... 

An Interview with Michael Selden An Interview with Michael Selden

Listen to the interview about his new book, The Balance, here:  Read More →

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About the books

Adventures of the Parsley Family The Adventures of the Parsley Family and the Dancing Snails

Take yourself on an adventure and follow the story of Trixie, a 9 year old girl, who befriends a group of snails in her garden and becomes their Snail Guardian! She takes her snails on adventures they never thought possible. They learn how to dance, have picnics and mix with other groups from all over the world. But with all these new and exciting... [Read more of this review]

fearne fairy and the chocolate caterpillar Fearne Fairy and the Chocolate Caterpillar

About the Book Fearne Fairy And The Chocolate Caterpillar is the 9th enchanting instalment from Sarah Hill’s award-winning Whimsy Wood Series for 5-8 year olds. In this wonderfully whimsical and heart-warming story, the month of April has arrived in Whimsy Wood and Fearne Fairy’s about to make a new friend! Not only that, but this new... [Read more of this review]

Magical Max and Magical Mickey's Big Surprise Books by Penelope Anne Cole

Magical Max and Magical Mickey’s Big Surprise Like their magical older brother and sister, Matt and Mea, nine year old twins Max and Mickey knew they’d soon lose their magic. But they are determined to build an amazing graduation gift before their magic runs out. Will they make it in time and what is their Big Surprise? Magical Max and Magical... [Read more of this review]

The Balance The Balance

THE BALANCE is a Young Adult novel, set in a dystopian future. It takes place almost 200 years after a global thermonuclear war. People in the Land survived the destruction of the world war only to have their lives disrupted again by a wayward asteroid. It broke up and rained down on the planet, just as life had begun to regain a sense of normalcy. This... [Read more of this review]

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